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Full Version: Developer introduction
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Hi all, I wanted to make an introduction. I'm Simon Wilson and I'm working on a 3D driver for RISC OS. I started programming on RISC OS when I was 12 and I have the following (working) machines: A3000, A3010, A5000, A7000+, RiscPC, RiscPC Kinetic, Iyonix, Titanium, ARMBook, and a few Raspberry PIs. 

My background is in embedded software engineering and graphics. I ported the first 3D drivers to Android (for the G1 and Nexus 1 phones) when I was working at Qualcomm, and I'm also the designer/author of tinyalsa (the de-facto audio library for Android) and Nanohub/Context Hub (the sensor co-processor OS for Android).

Please feel free to say hi or ask questions. I'll also post a technical thread for the 3D driver.