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Add missing drivers for RISC OS (WIFI, Bluetooth, GPU 3D, GPU video, USB 3)
Add more applications
Improve handling and features of current RISC OS open source applications
Add more open source games
Improve RISC OS core functions like filer, filecore, font manager, internationalization
Supportive tasks like translation of RISC OS

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Minecraft goal
A 3D driver is a nice thing but without any software that uses it is pretty useless also.
So the goal is to create as many 3D apllications as possible to promote the new 3D capabilities of RISC OS.

Minecraft is a very popular game which itself is not open source. But there are multiple open source game projects that copy the idea of Minecfraft.

Might you be interested to port a 3D open source game to RISC OS?

For minetest exist many existing complete Games data:

If you are interest more into any other 3D open source game or maybe even an original RISC OS 3D games feel free to contact us to create a Forum for your game or software that you want to work on. Or doing a cool 3D demo ?

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