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Soft Mesa working with OpenGL 1.1
Big Grin 
I've got a soft Mesa working now with OpenGL 1.1; it took a while to get it building in the autobuilder but it's working now. The hardware rendered version is also working again on the Iyonix.

I also managed to get the latest Mesa building in Ubuntu with software and hardware rendering - it took a while because I spent quite a lot of time trying to get it working on macOS, but then I ended up dual-booting Ubuntu on my Windows PC so I'm unblocked now.

I've had a very busy August at work and I'm about to go to the UK for 3 weeks (departing in a few hours). I don't have any way to do development while I am there because my work laptop is locked down and cannot run a VM.

I uploaded the RISC OS version of Mesa to github a couple of weeks ago:

There are some demo files in the ros_demos directory.

I will push my latest changes there today so that readers are able to try with the autobuilder.

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